Cuban Stirs The Victory Pot


Being in Korea, I only get to watch my sports through online subscription services such as League Pass for NBA. These broadcast feeds are pretty raw and there’s quite a bit that squeezes through the would-be filters, especially rogue audio.

With just seconds remaining in the 6th and final game, the Dallas team begins rejoicing together. However, behind the Mavs’ bench there was screaming heard followed by a perfect camera shot of a crazy DALLAS SUPPORTER uttering what was obviously the word “Bastard” to Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban.

Mr. Cuban Sir, I’d love to know how you set off this firecracker. However, may I state that regardless of what it may have been, you just delivered a championship dream season to this psycho cow. There isn’t a thing that you could have said that would justify her doing anything less than offering you her first-born.

Ms. Psycho mam, learn how to pick your battles. Chirping the Mavs’ owner behind the Mavs’ bench after a Mavs’ championship… less than clever.